Thursday, 8 December 2011

MusLim AhMad

Haaaaa,ni lahhh Si MUSLIM AHMAD defence Malaysia 2..smua org knaii dy kn..hmmm,4 your infrmtion aq mmg mnat gler2 la kt dy..heheee..Jejaka pujaan hatiii<3<3<3..huhuuu~~dy nie the most best defender that malaysia hve..n the bonus that i like him bcoz he is so nsome n cute xpecially when he smilee..Cairrr gua ckpp lu..ngee~~The news infrmtion that i get about him is tok liga malaysia thn dpn(2012) dy dh x men tok HMA dh..dy akn bermain tok pskn tganu tmpt kelhrn dy..hmmm,ibrt sirih plg ke ganggang!!heheee..x ksahh la kt mna pn abg Muslim Ahmad 2 men,i always spport himm!!Chaiyokk2 MUSLIM AHMAD<3<3<3

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